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My Jar is a 2013 rebrand of the popular Txt Loan company that initially reached the market in 2008. They have now moved from to that redirects from old to new. The vibrant orange theme of TxtLoan has changed to a reworked design in light colours. The new identity was put in place in July 2013. In regards to the product, there has been minor changes. £100 loan will cost £20 over the set period of 18 days. At Txt Loan their charge per £100 was £17 over 15 days. The loan sums still jump up in increments of £100 up to a maximum of £500.

When factoring daily rates, this new cost is slightly cheaper. A same day transfer is always included that benefits as well from this company being open 7 days out of 7. The My Jar loans site at is SSL secure and there is a My Jar login. The text facility is still integrated and you should expect the same process whereby £100 is available at first and the larger sums are available once you make repayments. My Jar loans lack flexibility, but are always speedy. For instance, at Txt Loan, once a loan had been repaid you would be automatically approved for more funds that could be requested at any time.

My Jar Short Term Loans: Charges per £100 (Set 18 Day Term)…

£20 (20%) = 1.111% daily.

My Jar Loans