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Payday Express has always stood as one of the UK’s most experienced payday lenders. They reference their roots as 1999 that may have been when they started trading offline. They operate online from that itself was setup in 2003. Payday Express is part of Express Finance (Bromley) Ltd and is owned by DFC Global Corp who were referenced previously since they also have Payday UK on their roster. The Money Shop that is also owned by DFC sent all of their online applications on to Payday Express, although they now also use Payday UK. This has always sent plenty of business since The Money Shop is the largest chain on the high street.

For many years there was no Payday Express login feature, but this has recently been integrated to the site. A further development has been that this site has received a revamp that looks much improved. All applications taken have always been SSL encrypted. The Payday Express loans were available from £80 to £800, although they have trimmed this down now as £100 to £750 with the first time restriction being set at £500. This loan product was priced at £29 per £100, but is now increased to £32.99. As a new customer you will receive a free same day transfer. Existing customers must unfortunately pay a £15 fee for fast funding (slow funding is free).

It should be noted that there is a Payday Express promo code for this fee although this has been difficult to track down. The Payday Express customer support can be reached from Monday to Saturday, but they do state that they send out cash every day (you will only see a delay if your application is flagged up). Alike Payday UK, they do hold membership with the CFA trade association. Although Payday UK accept monthly paid applicants only, you will find that Payday Express will consider those paid weekly. Overall, this lender scores well in most areas, although it is a shame that they charge their loyal customers extra for speedy transfers.

Payday Express Monthly Loans: Charges per £100…

£32.99 (£32.99%) = 1.1% daily

Payday Express Monthly Loans: Charges per £100 (Existing Customers and Slow Transfer)…

£32.99 (£32.99%) = 1.1% daily

Payday Express Monthly Loans: Charges per £100 (Existing Customers)…

£47.99 (47.99%) = 1.6% daily.

Payday Express Loans