Quick Quid Loans @ www.quickquid.co.uk

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Quick Quid has been one of the market leading payday lenders since their launch back in 2007. Quick Quid loans are served at www.quickquid.co.uk where you will find their original monthly payday loans, that are joined by their new FlexCredit loans. You will see the CashEuroNet UK LLC print on their site with this company being part of Cash America International Inc that is a big financial group from the USA. Another brand from this owner active locally is Pounds to Pocket that covers extended 12 month terms and larger sums. Quick Quid is advertised frequently on the TV and they are used by an extensive range of loan brokers.

This lender has generally battled out for market share with Payday UK and Wonga over the years. The Quick Quid loans have always sat on the large side and as a new customer you would have access from between £50 and £1000 with a £1500 sum being possible once you have borrowed from them. The standard term in place is 1 month, although you can select 2 or 3 months that will incur further finance charges. The applications are as noted taken at www.quickquid.co.uk that is fully secure and there is a Quick Quid login integrated once you become a customer. The charges in place here have always been competitive.

Over the month you will be looking at a charge per £100 of either £20, £25 or £29. They have taken the unusual step of setting the charge based on your credit status. There is no further charge in place for same day funding. For any support they can reached by phone every day of the week. They also hold membership with the CFA trade association. As noted previously, they have recently launched the Quick Quid FlexCredit product that has terms from 1 to 10 months. A breakdown of the charges will be made below. A follow up post will also reference the current Quick Quid Promo Code 2013 that can bring down the charges further.

Quick Quid Monthly Loans: Charges per £100…

£20 (20%) = 0.667% daily (Excellent Tier)
£25 (25%) = 0.833% daily (Good Tier)
£29.50 (29.5%) = 0.983% daily (Average Tier)

Costs with Promo:

£15 (15%) = 0.5% daily (Excellent Tier)
£18.75 (18.75%) = 0.625% daily (Good Tier)
£22.13 (22.13%) = 0.738% daily (Average Tier)

Quick Quid FlexCredit Loans: Charges per £100…

£23.49 (1 month)
£35.49 (2 months)
£47.79 (3 months)
£59.59 (4 months)
£71.77 (5 months)
£83.56 (6 months)
£95.70 (7 months)
£107.58 (8 months)
£118.65 (9 months)
£131.24 (10 months).

Quick Quid Loans