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Sunny launched recently in 2013 at where you will find highly flexible short term loans. Sunny is the brains of Think Finance (UK) Ltd who are also active through Quid and 1 Month Loan was another brand of theirs that has now been replaced by Sunny. When it comes to the Sunny loans you will have access to sums from £100 to £500. What is impressive here is that you have some great term options in place. You could select between 3 and 30 days, or alternatively select monthly blocks that stretch from 1 to 5 months. If you were to opt for £100 over the period of 7 days then this would cost £6.76. This charge would be £28.99 over 30 days.

If you were to select their monthly option then this single charge sits slightly more expensive at £30.93. This may be due to their Sunny Rates promotion that rewards you discounts each time you repay. Although only selecting the single month, you could simply increase it to earn these discounts. It is noted that the Sunny Rates bonus can generate in time a possible 15% monthly rate. Just to add that all such costs include same day transfers that is aided by this lender being open 7 days out of 7. There are never any late fees. You can login to securely and if required can repay the balance at any time. They also hold membership with both the BCCA and the CCTA trade associations.

Sunny Short Term Loans: Charges per £100 (Sample 7 Day Term)…

£6.76 (6.76%) = 0.966% daily.

Sunny Loans